Throwback Thursday: Scotty McCreery @ SBEC

Last week I found myself at one of my favorite venues, SBEC, which is inside the Sands Casino in Bethlehem. The staff is honestly the best, and I’ve had phenomenal experiences each time I’ve gone to a show there. The first time I ever went to the Event Center, however, will always stick out in my mind as one of my favorites. (Side note to anyone who goes to see a band there: there’s an inside entrance, and you’re almost always guaranteed to run into zero lines on that end. I’ve gotten barricade, or close to it, at every GA show I’ve been to there because the inside doors there are pretty unknown.)

In high school there were a few years when I took the country music genre very seriously. The decision to be such a hardcore fan was definitely not due to the interests of the guys I was hanging out with at the time…or was it? Anyway, Scotty McCreery had caught my attention during his time on American Idol and I absolutely adored his live performance when I saw him in York in late 2013. A year later he was headlining at SBEC and I somehow managed to convince my friend’s parents to let her go with me.

The show was seated and we weren’t front row, but the venue is seriously so great and we still had an awesome view. During “Write My Number on Your Hand” we ran to the front of the stage and Scotty wrote a number on both of our hands, it was the cutest thing ever. It turned out to be legit, and after the show we hung out by the buses and called it to hear a recording talk about his then-current latest single. After about an hour of waiting (in the freezing November weather) he finally came down to greet us, and we got autographs and pictures. His southern accent is adorable, and it was seriously so nice of him to come and chat.

You can check out Scotty’s latest single “Five More Minutes” on iTunes and Spotify, and keep up with his summer plans by following him on Twitter @ScottyMcCreery.


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