Music Monday: Paramore/Harry Styles

I’ve been stumped trying to decide what to write about today. Harry Styles and Paramore both dropped new albums over the weekend, causing fans everywhere to frantically try to squeeze everything in and listen to both at once. As I’ve mentioned before it takes a while for me to come around to new music, and I was extra busy the past few days so I didn’t have much time to spare. It would be an injustice if I were to dedicate an entire piece to just one when I haven’t had the time to fully appreciate either, so I decided to just write a few words on the songs that stuck out to me on the first listen.

A lot of my friends are huge fans of Paramore; I know some of the singles but have personally never been hit by the bug. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against them and I absolutely adore Hayley Williams’ sense of style and her attitude toward life, I’ve just never considered myself a fan of the group. I was urged to give the song “Fake Happy” a chance, and it is so hella relatable. The upbeat tempo gives it a fun vibe while the lyrics really dig deep. The entire album takes a raw look at subjects the band hasn’t touched on previously, and the fans I know are totally into it.

On the other side of the spectrum we have “Harry Styles.” Critics are calling it a Bowie-inspired return to classic 70’s rock ‘n’ roll, and, in 2017 terms, has fans “shook.” For me the two standouts are “Sweet Creature” and “Kiwi.” I feel a little biased toward “Sweet Creature” because it’s been out longer than the rest of the album and thus I’ve had more time to process it. Harry said in an interview last week that he “cheated” and released it for fans to hear early, and I feel a little fake claiming it as my favorite. However I’m always a sucker for ballads and the beautiful simplicity of this song makes my heart happy. “Kiwi,” on the other hand, is such a punchy tune, and it’s all I’ve seen posted about on my TL. I’m really excited to see him perform them both live in October, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Be sure to follow both artists on their respective social media accounts to keep up with all the latest on “After Laughter” and “Harry Styles.”


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