Throwback Thursday: One Direction @ HersheyPark Stadium

Welp. What else did you expect me to talk about today?

Harry Styles is finally releasing his debut album tomorrow (let’s pretend most of you haven’t already listened to leaks), and the online world has been salivating with anticipation. Everyone I know is talking about Harry, whether they were an OG fan of 1D or not. In honor of Throwback Thursday, I decided to revisit the first time I ever laid eyes on the boy IRL.

My first-ever mainstream concert (yes, it was the Jonas Brothers) was at HersheyPark Stadium, so it holds a special place in my heart. One Direction’s 2013 Take Me Home tour date at the venue was sold out, but luckily I copped a pair of extra seats a few days before the show and was able to surprise my mom with tickets. It was right before her birthday, so I guess I gained some brownie points that year.


Snapped a quick pic with her fav.

We weren’t super close to the stage but it was still a great night. The standout moment of the show was definitely when one girl managed to jump across the barricade and the security pit to the catwalk. Although security grabbed her before she was able to reach any of the boys, her phone fell out of her pocket and Harry snatched it up. “Like a cat,” he said, commenting on her agile move before texting her mom that he had her phone. At least, if memory serves correctly, I think it was her mom. He and Liam had a moment together laughing about it, and of course the crowd went nuts.


Couldn’t find a picture of Harry but, here’s one I took of my two personal favs.

Obviously One Direction is “on hiatus” right now, but you can check out Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall‘s respective solo projects, and cry over Harry’s split-second appearance in the “Dunkirk” movie trailer, on just about any online platform.


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