Music Monday: Beach Weather

I’m pretty well known for harassing my friends into listening to new bands as I find them, but I’m awful at following through and taking the time for other people’s recommendations. If you want me to listen, you gotta keep sending me links over and over till I get a chance to click onto it. That’s kind of what happened to me with Beach Weather. Some friends sent me a couple snaps with their music in the background like, “I think you’d really be into them,” and they weren’t wrong. Unfortunately with my kind of attention span it took a little prodding for me to check them out.

The band’s EP “What a Drag” was released in 2015 and I listened a few times right after, and followed them on Instagram, but I didn’t really get into the indie-rock group until late last year. When their newest release “Chit Chat” debuted in November I was all over it. The aesthetic of the EP is right up my alley, and their single “Home Movies” really fit the mood of what I was going through at the time.

I was supposed to see them live with Cruisr in November at The Foundry but the show was moved to January, and when that date rolled around it snowed so my mom put a nix on the trip. I was finally able to catch the group in action last week at TLA when they opened for The Maine and I absolutely adored them! Before their set started a stage tech placed a lit stick of incense on one of the amps, which set the vibe for the chill performance that followed. Their live sound added a grit to the music not heard on either EP, and bassist Reeve Powers brought an energy to the stage that I was not expecting. Overall it was a great evening, and I only wish there had been room for the band to play more songs.



To find out more about Beach Weather check out their Twitter and Instagram pages @BeachWeather, and listen to “Chit Chat” on iTunes and Spotify. Tweet me @emmegracek and let me know what you think!


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