Throwback Thursday: Ed Sheeran @ Wells Fargo Arena

ICYMI, Ed Sheeran released a new album a few months ago after a year-long hiatus from public life.  And in case you’re like me and haven’t given it a listen yet, I’d suggest you hop to it! Today I finally decided to stop procrastinating and downloaded “Divide” onto my phone, and it’s obvious to me why Sheeran continues to reign as one of the most popular current recording artists. Listening to the newer songs reminded me of the craziest adventure I’ve ever been on, and it really made me homesick, if you will, for the time I got to see him perform live.

I’ve been an Ed fan for years now, ever since I heard his version of One Direction’s song “Moments,” which he also wrote. One of my favorite bands freshman year was Rixton, and I had become somewhat of a staple (aka, highly well known for embarrassing myself on their behalf daily) fan of theirs online, so when they announced their slot on the Multiply Tour I knew I had to be there. Unfortunately, they weren’t playing any of the dates reasonably close enough for me to get to, so I resided myself to being very upset and possibly hitchhiking my way to Buffalo.

Flash-forward a few weeks and right before they were set to start their leg of the tour I get a message from one of my best Rixton-fan friends. She tells me her friend won an MTV contest and needs a plus-one to go to Iowa and see the guys, and asks if I’d be interested. Obviously I jumped at the chance, and ended up making a really great friend in the process! (Hi, Tammi!) It was extra exciting because it was also my first time on a plane. We had a lot of fun exploring Des Moines; did you know they say ‘pop’ instead of ‘soda’ out in the midwest? For some reason finding that out was the highlight of the trip for me.


Yes, I took pictures of the sign in the grocery store.

We got to peep soundcheck and hung out with the band for a while before being escorted to our seats on the first level of the arena. It wasn’t my first time seeing them in that size venue, but it still blew me away that they were opening for Ed. His set, of course, was amazing as well, and it is seriously one of the craziest things to ever happen to me. Afterward we went outside to wait for Rixton to come out and say goodbye, and at about two a.m. we realized Ed was outside signing autographs. We raced down the block to where his buses were, and there he was trading shirts with a fan and being an all-around adorable guy. We didn’t get a chance to talk at all, but I remember telling him “you’re amazing!” after I asked if he would take our picture for me.

It was such an awesome night, and I’m so thankful to have been asked to be a part of it. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to see Ed perform again because it really was incredible to get to watch him live. Be sure to check out his latest album “Divide” on Spotify and iTunes, and sign up for email updates on his website to keep up with all the latest from the British singer.


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