Music Monday: Bleeker

Someone asked me the other night why I was at a show that Night Riots weren’t playing. Am I really that bad that people are getting genuinely surprised when I go to see other bands? (The answer is yes, yes I really am that bad.) I have awful anxiety when it comes to branching out, and I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to get stuck in music ruts. More often than not I go to see artists I’ve already seen before. Knowing what to expect and exactly when to expect it is something that makes me feel safe at shows.

That being said, I’ve been listening to Bleeker off and on since the middle of last semester and have been waiting for them to come play here for months now. I’d been planning on catching them in Philly this weekend, but realized I could sneak in an earlier show when their set at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster was announced. It was a super last minute decision to go, but I’m so glad I decided to ‘yolo’ it.


Chameleon Club, Lancaster, 04/29/17

The band’s latest single “Where’s Your Money” has a really fun, energetic vibe, but nothing could have prepared me for the fire they bring to the stage. Frontman Taylor Perkins kept the crowd engaged with his never-ending jokes about hockey and golf, and some insane dance moves. The rest of the group kept up the pace with a bit of intense headbanging and wicked guitar playing. Now, don’t misunderstand when I say headbanging; the alt pop/rock group isn’t a scary screamo outfit, just has a vibe that you can’t help but dance along to. I’m not sure how else to sum up the performance but with one word: wow! If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting, look no further.

You can check Bleeker out on iTunes and Spotify, and follow them on all the typical social media outlets @BleekerOfficial. Their East Coast spring tour runs through the end of May, and if you’re on the route I’d definitely recommend you make time to check out a show. (And if you’re in Philly Saturday, come out and support! Tickets are only $10, and you’ll get to watch me have yet another existential crisis at The Foundry in Fishtown.)


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