Throwback Thursday: 5SOS @ Tower Theater


Bet you can’t spot me! Photo Source: Ashton Irwin’s Instagram.

Last night I saw myself in yet another crowd shot on Twitter, and it reminded me of the first time I ever snagged a spot on an artist’s social media page: April 24, 2014. I ended up skipping the last half of an advertising final to go steal a glimpse at my one true love at the time (perhaps known to you common folk as Michael Clifford), and ended up having one of the craziest concert experiences of my life.

When tickets went on sale for 5SOS’ first North American headlining venture, I was dumb enough to forget to set an alarm and missed out on the most important tour of a generation. Or so I thought. I tried everything to win tickets to the show but nothing panned out. It was an honest stroke of desperation when I decided to use one of my last few Septa tokens to take the L up to 69th Street that Thursday afternoon, thinking I could peep the band going into the venue and then call it a night.


IMG_5521_2 (1)

Tower Theater 04/24/14

Little did I know one of their managers decided to give tickets to a few younger fans whose parents didn’t realize the show was sold out. It was a mere stroke of luck that I happened to be standing there looking about 15, due to my brace-face and an oversized sweater, practically in tears over Ashton waving to me out the window of their SUV a few minutes earlier. Since the tickets were in four-packs the guy didn’t want to split them up, and gave me the extra pass. After that I called pretty much everyone in my contacts list and left screeching messages on all their voicemails. Oops?


I dared to stand stage right that night, despite my staunch dedication to bassists everywhere.

The show itself was amazing, of course, and I even made a new best friend out of it. (We bonded over our mutual love for Michael and the fact that he spit on our faces during the set…still an accomplishment we talk about to this day.) Although some say outrageous things tend to always happen to me when I’m out at shows, this one will remain the dearest to my heart for quite a while. Until Harry Styles decides to grace me with his presence, anyway…


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