Music Monday: The Maine


photo by Guadalupe Bustos

It’s another Music Monday and this past weekend’s been hectic for me. One positive to come out of it, however, was the long-awaited reunion of one my favorite people with her favorite band. (Hi, Rachel!) The Maine, an incredibly popular, incredibly talented alt-rock band from Arizona, is coming back to Philadelphia next week, and nothing gets me more pumped to go to a show than hearing fun stories from earlier tour dates.

I saw The Maine at Warped Tour last summer and the set was absolutely insane. I can’t claim to be an expert on the band, but their fifth album, American Candy, was basically my personal soundtrack last spring. Most of the replays went to “24 Floors,” which is one of the two slower tracks on the album. The song is written as if the singer is imagining a conversation with someone, but also comes across as if he is speaking directly to the listener. This distinct choice leads me to believe that the band is not only aware of the kind of impact their music has on fans, but that they also seriously care about the messages they’re putting out there.

“Take one more breath to clear your mind, every moment’s relevant, bittersweet and delicate, tomorrow may not come again.” This message is so important, especially to someone who suffers from anxiety, suicidal ideation and mild depressive states like myself. The reminder to treat every day with value is something that I try to make a constant, and this song is phenomenal in relaying that thought. I don’t have a problem sharing some of my personal struggles with others, and I really appreciate that The Maine decided to share what I consider to be such a powerful track with their listeners.

The band just released their latest record Lovely, Little, Lonely a few weeks ago, and are currently out on tour with Beach Weather and The Mowgli’s. You can find tickets to the remaining dates here, and follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify to keep up with all of their latest news.


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