Throwback Thursday: YRS @ The Troubadour

It’s Thursday, which means a slew of #tbts are covering my Instagram feed. This week is a particular hit in the gut for me, though, as it’s the six-month anniversary of my first-ever trip to LA. The official story is, I went out for a campus tour at USC and to do some sightseeing to get a feel for the West Coast. Which I did, and the whole experience was absolutely surreal. I also hit up a couple shows at the Troubadour while I was visiting, and ran into some folks I’m lucky enough to see on a pretty regular basis.



Young Rising Sons, an alt-rock band from North New Jersey, played a co-headlining gig with The Moth and The Flame at the Troubadour on Thursday October 20, 2016. I showed up to the venue on Santa Monica Boulevard about half an hour before doors and made it inside without being spotted by any of the band members (which was my plan!). I later found out from Andy that he “had a feeling” I would be at the show; my not-so subtle tweets must have tipped him off. Nevertheless he gave me the biggest grin when we made eye contact after he hopped on stage.



He continued to smile slyly to himself every time he turned toward my side of the crowd, and even jumped over an amp to hold my hand during “Undefeatable.” My favorite part of the night, however, was when he pointed me out during “Turnin’.” Not sure if the group actually knows it’s my favorite track of theirs, but I like to pretend he did it on purpose because of that.

“Sometimes it takes some patience, Sometimes it works first try, But I know that this is worth it, Cause this dream’s too strong to die.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to the song on repeat for hours because the message is so important. And have you heard the bass line? #Stellar.

It was an amazing feeling to get to see one of my favorite bands play a show 3,000 miles away from home, and it’s definitely a night I won’t soon forget.

Although Sons aren’t touring right now, they are gearing up for the release of their first full-length album sometime later this year (right, guys?). You can check out their latest single “Carry On” on Spotify and iTunes, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up future announcements.


*featured image by @astoriasarah


One comment

  1. Anna · April 21, 2017

    Turnin’ is such a powerful song, I especially appreciate its message now that the semester is almost over, and it’s too nice outside to do classwork.
    Also, LA/West Coast in general seemed so cool from your pics & stories.
    And… I’m waiting for that album toooo!

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