Photojournalism Assignment:

This week’s assignment in Social Media for Writers focuses on photojournalism. Luckily, I’m also taking Multimedia Production this semester and have some great shots to share.  These were taken a few weeks ago in Philadelphia at Reading Terminal Market.

The first picture was taken at a bakery, and shows a pastry chef filling eclair shells. The original image had a little color distortion, so in the edited version I used the White Balance tool to clean that up a little.  I also cropped it to a square as required in the assignment, and brightened the image slightly.

The second picture was also taken at Reading Terminal, but shows a “scene” with customers at a fabric stand as opposed to a single subject.  I really liked the bright colors of this booth, and didn’t have to do much in editing.  Like the first picture I cropped it to a square, and played with the lighting a bit as well.

Personally, I do not see a huge problem with editing photographs for use in news stories.  The only thing I would worry about would be cropping, if the tool is used incorrectly the image could be cut off in the wrong way and not show crucial details.  This could be a problem if the image was central to how a story is perceived by the public.


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